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Amazing Alex promises to entertain Angry Birds addicts

23rd July 2012

Finnish gaming app creator Rovio, the team behind the amazing angry birds francise has released a totally new game called Amazing Alex.

Another physics game, quite similar to the less visually appealing Cat Physics allows gamers to arrange objects on the screen to create chain reactions to reach a goal.

An early launch of the app was marred by error mssages saying that the game was not recognised by the game center for some Apple device users, however Rovio were quick to react with a temporary fix.

Whether time application will come close to the amazingly popular Angry Birds francise remains to be seen however we’ve played the game and it is amazingly addictive.

Amazing Alex started life as Casey’s Contraptions, a game developed by Californian based game developer Noel Llopis.  The game rights were eventually acquired by the team behind Angry Birds.

The game has been given visual and gameplay tweeks from Noel’s original version and is available on both iOS and Android platforms, the company has confirmed that versions for other devices will follow.