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Bangor launches free wifi coverage in town centre

16th May 2012

North Down Borough Council is making the internet available ‘on the go’ in Bangor town centre.  At the end of this month (May 2012) the Council is launching a service in the town that will allow anyone with a wifi enabled device, such as a laptop or smart phone, to connect to the internet for free without time restrictions!

Currently there are no towns in Northern Ireland where the retail core is a free wifi zone so this is a real first for the local area.  While several shops in Bangor already offer free wifi to their customers, this system links wifi routers together throughout the town so it will enable users to access the internet on the go from the Bus and Rail Centre, the full length of Main Street, around the McKee Clock and up High Street – both inside buildings and externally along the streets.

The new Bangor Free Wifi service is very easy to access.  On wifi enabled devices simply:
1. Select ‘Bangor Free Wifi’ from the list of available wireless networks.
2. Register (first time only) by entering your name and email details on the portal page.

Users will then be directed to the Bangor Free Wifi service landing page and have free controlled access to the internet – inappropriate web sites blocked are blocked via a content filtering mechanism and bandwith control will prevent downloads or excessive usage.

While the new system hasn’t been officially launched as yet, those with WiFi enabled devices are able to connect now.  Over the past few weeks and without any formal publicity more than 400 distinct users have accessed the system – an indication of how popular it is likely to be.  While access is now available, it will be the end of the month before the portal is fully developed.  Watch out for window stickers with ‘Bangor Free Wifi’ and the wifi zone logo in town centre premises and make sure to log-in.

Bangor Free Wifi was installed by Wifi Spark. 

North Down Borough Council