E-Mail : info@ardnet.co.uk

At Ardnet Online Solutions we try to make it as easy as possible for our customers with lots of simple to use added features.

Client Login

Sometimes we will provide a unique username and password for customers to view a private draft of their website.

Click here to login

Webmail Login

Any email address hosted on our servers can be accessed from a web based webmail access point.  To access webmail you’ll need your username and password.

We’ve recently upgraded the way you access webmail.  To access your unique webmail area type the following address into your web browser address bar http://webmail.{domainname.co.uk}/, (for example http://webmail.mywebsitedomain.co.uk).

Once logged in please enter your email username and password.

Pay Online

Online payment facilities coming soon, to pay a bill please follow the instructions on your invoice.