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Facebook unmasks cyber bullies

12th June 2012

Facebook have been forced to reveal the identities of cyber bullies who have targetted a woman using the site to send a series of abusive messages.

The high court granted Nicola Brookes an order after she recived “vicious and depraved” abuse on the social media site following comments of support for X Factor contestant Frankie Cocozza.

Cyberbullies falsely accused Nicola of being a paedophile as well as a drug dealer, using fake profile pages on the facebook to conceal their identity.

Brookes plans now to bring private prosecutions against at least four of the worst offenders as the high court declare that Facebook must now reveal the names, email addresses and IP addresses of the people behind the hate campaigns.  This is believed to be the first case where an individual has taken legal action against facebook of this issue, and Brookes has said she wishes to bring “the strongest possible prosecution” against the trolls.