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Mobile Internet usage on the rise

5th September 2011

Nearly half of all internet use in the UK is now by mobile devices with a staggering 45% of people surveyed saying that they regularly use the internet when out and about as opposed to 31% back in 2010. The most rapid growth obviously being from people aged 16 to 24 years old.

While people are using mobile devices to access the internet they aren’t all using 3G mobile phone networks, but are using either home or work wifi connections or the thousands of wifi hotspots that now exist throughout the UK.
At Ardnet Online Solutions we have long embraced mobile technology. We make sure that all of the sites that we produce will work on mobile devices and also have technology to allow customers to update their website right from their mobile device if required.

The Office for National Statistics survey found a huge rise in mobile wifi hotspots throughout the country.

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