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So what did Back to the Future II get right and wrong about 2015?

As we all know today is the date set into the flux capacitor in the 1989 movie Back to the Future 2 where Marty McFly played by Michael J Fox travels to this date. So what did the movie get right and wrong about the future?

One huge omission is the Internet and Mobile Phones, these simply weren’t included in the futuristic world, and hoverboards, we don’t all have hoverboards and flying cars these days but the technology for hoverboards does exist, he’s a video of Skateboarding pro Tony Hawk trying his hand at the prototype.

3D movies were predicted however Jaws 19 has never been made, thank goodness. The use of drone technology was suggested however and the movie shows a dog walked by a drone, apparently this is now possible!

Biometric scanning was predicted, where fingerprints and retina scans were used in McFly’s home, however thankfully the clothes shown in the movie never made it to the high street, self-tying shoe’s were predicted and guess what, Nike are working on that too.

Video calling is now commonplace with services like skype, etc, as predicted in the movie, though without the internet, quite how calls were transmitted remains a mystery.

While we really wanted to be driving flying cars by now, we’re all glad the future turned out as it did rather than what the movie makers conceived.