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Thanks Steve…

6th October 2011

Waking up to the tragic news this morning that Apple Co-Founder Steve Jobs has passed away was extremely sad.

Steve made computing fun, made computers something that people really wanted to use and interface with instead of boring words on screens that were only programmed by geeks and really only used to crunch numbers and type reports.

Whether you are an Apple user or not you have to admit that Steve Jobs changed computing forever, made devices something that we wanted to use, something that made it easier and almost fun to do the most ordinary tasks.  Steve also revolutionised the music industry, introducing iTunes to the world and making virtual music much more accessible to all.  Apple lead the world in mobile innovation, making the big players in that industry follow along on their coat tails.

We look forward to the future of products from this amazing company, innovations that wouldn’t be possible today if it wasn’t for Mr Jobs.

Thanks Steve!