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3rd March 2013

We’ve been providing innovative, affordable and hard working websites for customers from our offices in Newtownards, now for almost 13 years and it started us thinking about exactly what has changed on the internet in that time.

Speeds of broadband and connection have vastly increased, 10 years ago most people were using a dial up modem.

Google has become one of the biggest companies in the world providing not only search but maps, calendars and innovative services to help run your life.  Youtube and other video services have launched the ability to watch just about anything you’ve ever though of at the touch of a button.

BBC launched the iPlayer, allowing high definition pictures to instantly be streamed into your computer, other on demand services are hot on the tail of the BBC, changing the way we watch television for ever.

Apple provide the iTunes service which lets you buy just about any song you can think of for a small fee.

A huge amount of mobile and wireless devices allow you to connect to the internet just about anywhere.

So what will the future hold?  We know that cloud computing will become bigger and bigger in the future, devices will integrate together with similar interfaces as seen with the Windows 8 software, so your phone, tablet, laptop and broadband will all sign from the same hymn sheet.

Home sychronisation technologies will also become more widespread with cloud based services allowing you to control your head, monitor your security systems and even answer the door from a mobile phone hundreds of miles away.

The future’s bright, and we can’t wait to share it with you.