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About Ardnet Online Limited

Providing Web Design services in Newtownards since 200

Ardnet was founded in the spring of 2000, a complete age ago considering the number of innovations in web design since then.  For example, no one had broadband connections, most people were using dial up internet to connect, online video just didn’t exist, embedded video services like youtube didn’t come along until much later, and you can just forget about social media!

Back when we started computer screens were smaller, download times much longer and designing for the internet meant that everything had to be as minimal as possible, the loading time of a website was paramount, and we considered if a screen took less than thirty seconds to load then it was doing well.

We have always produced website for the future, making sure that sites we produce will work well years after development.

Web Design

We provide help and support at every step of the way to make sure you receive the best solution.

Site Maintenance

We help all our clients ensure that their website is always kept up to date.

Content Management

Make changes to your website easily and quickly with our amazing online tools.

Website Hosting

We provide all the technical stuff you need to keep your website online.


We always design websites to take account of current search engine methods and trends.

Social Media

Social media is extremely powerful and lets you communicate with your customers instantly.

Logo Design

Having the correct logo for your website, business cards or other marketing material is vital.

Website Translations

We can arrange translations of your website into all major worldwide languages.