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Today is bring your dog to work day

Well it’s something we do every day at Ardnet Online, our Managing Director’s dog Jüssi puts in a full 9-5 every day so we feel a little sorry for those who don’t have the companionship of a furry friend during the work day.

Research carried out for website shows that having a dog around the office can not only reduce employee stress and improve morale but also boost workplace productivity, be a talking point for customers and most important of all it makes sure your doggy is not lonely during the day.

Meeting work colleagues and getting patted also help your dogs social skills and make them more relaxed around strangers.

The Hashtag #BringYourDogToWorkDay is trending on twitter right now with photos from around the world who’s brought their dog to the office.

While this great annual event will help charities raise funds and promote canine wellbeing it’s also hoped that people will make it a more regular event.

Regular naps are mandatory for our canine colleague.