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Two-step login process to become easier

Most of us understand why two step authentication exists.  It’s a policy used by email providers, financial institutions and a large number of other secure websites to make sure they don’t let the wrong person access your account.

Two factor authentication works by when you try to log into your account from a different device, even if you use the correct password it will send a message to your mobile phone with a code number, you are then expected to enter the code to continue the login process.

This infuriates a lot of users, it can be very fiddley and time consuming.  But now Google think they’ve got the answer.  Instead of sending a code the technology allows for a push notification to be sent to your phone.  A push notification is like a popup that you see on your phone screen, maybe to tell you that you’ve got a new text or email.  When you see the push notification allow you have to do is tap on the YES button to allow the login to continue.