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Website Redesign

Technology updates at an alarming rate and websites that were created several years ago will start to look out dated.  We’ve had extensive experience of new customers coming to us because their original website developer has disappears or become uncooperative with assisting to keep the site updated.

We can take the existing content from your old website and redesign it into a modern, responsive website that will work well on all devices and enhance your search engine ranking by using the most up to date techniques.

We’ll help with transferring domain names and sorting out website hosting for you or we’ll also be more than happy to work with your existing hosting package.

A website redesign usually costs a lot less than the design of a site from scratch and often it’s a great time to have a look at your site’s content to make sure it’s totally up to date.

If your website is starting to look out of date or you’ve lost touch with the original designer, contact us for a chat.