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Cost of European mobile roaming to drop

6th July 2011

The cost of making telephone calls on your mobile phone or device when in Europe has droped from the 1st July 2011. This is excellent news for business people in Northern Ireland who regularly have to work across the border into the Republic of Ireland.

BBC News online reports that from the beginning of the month operators cannot charge more than 32p per minute (plus VAT) for outgoing calls and 10p a minute to receive. These price reductions have been forced by the European Comission, Brussels wants to equalise all roaming and domestic charges by 2015.

Legislation is also in place to put a cap on data charges of £45 to avoid unexpected bills, the wholesale cost of data has been reduced from 72p to 45p.

A case by a group of UK mobile operators was dismissed by the European Courts of Justice in June 2011. Find out about the complaint here.

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