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Credit cards a thing of the past now Facebook Messenger might start offering payments?

Always the innovators, Facebook’s new Messenger app looks like it will be bundled with a load of new features possible including the ability to pay for things in shops.

Facebook may plan to launch a service of their own or team up with existing mobile providers including Apple Pay which is currently available in the UK or Android Pay which will launch in the UK soon.

Apple Pay has been around for months now and allows users to pay for purchases in shops using their mobile device or Apple Watch. If Facebook launch a payment service we could start to see stiffer competition between providers all vying for your business and Facebook want to make sure their products become ever more addictive.

The leaked source code for the new messenger hints at many other features including a tool to encrypt secret messages and also further integration between calendars.

These items may be available shortly or might simply be things that the social media giant are experimenting with but one things for sure, Facebook want to make sure they are here to stay.