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Don’t get caught out by copyright infringement

21st July 2011

It can be very tempting to browse through google images and pick our great photographs to use on your website or other marketing material.  Did you know however that it’s also against copyright law to pinch images from other websites to use on your own without getting permission for the images first?

At Ardnet Online Solutions we always advise our clients on the correct images to use so that they don’t get caught out and face big fines from image owners or image agencies.  For example, recently I’m aware of someone who took a small photograph from another site to use on a travel website and ended up having to pay over £1300 in damages to an image agency.  Photographs contain hidden codes which can be searched for across the web by the copyright owners so they will find an infringement quickly.

We can source excellent quality images from image libraries and make sure that they are paid for correctly and all the licence stipulations are adhered to.  We can also work with your own photographs or can commission a professional photographer to take stunning images for your website.

Textual content is exactly the same as images, you can’t just copy and paste text from another website without permission.  We can provide copy-writing services to write unique content for all the pages of your website.

Its not worth the risk of taking a chance, use Ardnet Online Solutions and stay on the right side of Copyright Law.

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