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Further online security fears as Yahoo customers become the latest victim of hacking

21st July 2012

Almost half a million usernames and their associated encrypted passwords have allegedly been stolen from Yahoo voice, a user contribution services on the online giants networks.

Similar attacks recently have included linkedin, Sony’s Playstation Networking, Formspring, Android forums and popular online dating sites.

Usually passwords stored online by online service and content providers are encrypted, meaning that cracked passwords are not necessarily going to get into the hands of computer hackers, however users are urged to reset their passwords immediately and encouraraged never to use the same password on different websites.

Passwords for Yahoo’s voice service however were not encrypted, leading to widespread security fears throughout the online world.  This means that hackers could immediately pick up passwords and gain access to users accounts including email and financial information.

Ardnet Online Solutions recommendations for online password security include making sure to always use different passwords on different websites.  This can be easier than it sounds if you follow our password guide, click here.