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Mac OSX ‘Lion’ Operating system could arrive next week

12th July 2011

Apple is planning to launch the latest version of its Mac OSX version 10.7 next week as retail stores are being requested by the firm to start upgrading computers by this coming sunday.

The new operating system version will require at least 2GB of ram so consumers are expected to need to upgrade their computer memory on some occasions, its going to retail at £20.99.  So what is this new upgrade going to include :

  • Full Screen applications – allows users to maximise any program to full screen version
  • Mission Control – a new interface that lets you easily swap between all the programs running on your system
  • Mac app store – closer integration of the app store to allow customers to buy software online, more in keeping with MACs iOS operating system of mobile devices
  • Multi – Touch Gestures – Described as a bit tricky to use the first time, this four finger swipping and pinching of the screen allows users to carry out lots of screen navigation tasks quickly and easily
  • Autosave and Versions – Documents will be saved automatically with the ability to go back to a previous version of a document after changes have been made
  • Resume – Power up the computer to get to exactly the same place that you were when you turned it off
  • Mail Redesign – a redesigned interface for the mail software is promised