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Online grocery service launched by Amazon

Launching today (Thursday 9th June) Amazon Prime customers in some parts of London will be able to order their entire weekly shop through the new AmazonFresh service and have their shopping delivered the same day.  The company plans to introduce this service across the entire United Kingdom however they haven’t said exactly when.

The service has already been running in the United States since 2007 however until now Amazon UK would only sell a limited amount of non-perishable products.

Retail expert Bryan Roberts said “While there is no cast-iron guarantee of success… I’m tempted to believe that we’ll look back on today as something of a disruptive game-changer up there with the entry of Aldi and Lidl,”.  He went on to say that this was the last thing the established supermarkets wanted to hear.

Customers in the UK will be able to choose from over 130,000 products as well as speciality foods from local suppliers, Amazon claims the new service will be more competitive than traditional grocers.

So how much will this cost, well you have to already be an Amazon Prime customer but ontop of that you have to pay a flat fee of £6.99 per month, though in the short term Amazon are focusing more on market share than profits.