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SSL Certificates     1 Year £89  |  2 Years £149

Internet Security is a growing concern for all businesses and consumers. Your online security is paramount to your company’s growth and future. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates encrypt information between the browser and web server, preventing hackers to steal any data communicated.

Why Should I Get a SSL?

Increased Security
Security is critical for all online stores, or where payment or personal information is shared via online forms. It stops man-in-the-middle style attacks stealing the data transferred.

Increased Consumer Trust
Online consumers are savvy individuals. Their trust in a website increases when there is a green lock symbol at the start of the URL in the address bar.

Enhanced SEO
As from October 2017, Google has made it clear that their algorithms favour HTTPS sites – the secure version of the internet, made available by purchasing an SSL certificate. So your website’s Google ranking will improve as a result.

If you’re unaware of an HTTPS website, you can see the lock button in the address bar of your browser on our site.

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