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Thanks for the Music, David Bowie

We wanted to take a few moments to reflect on the life of one of music’s most flamboyant and well loved greats, Mr David Bowie.

Bowie released his latest album Blackstar on Friday, an album containing seven new songs by the artist but today it was confirmed that David had lost an eighteen month battle with Cancer.

The singer, well known for creating many different personals including Ziggy Stardust has had tributes paid to him from across the world of popular music and entertainment including Brian Eno who worked with Bowie on many projects and comedian Ricky Gervais who sums up how we’re feeling today “I just lost a hero. RIP David Bowie”.

From his early days alongside others such as the Rolling Stones, and the Beatles, Bowie shaped modern pop music but it wasn’t until his 1972 launch of alter ego Ziggy Stardust character that he shot to fame.  He was well known for reinventing himself in many different music genres including a brief time dabbling with drum-and-base on his 1997 Earthling album.

Bowie’s acting legacy is also a large one, appearing as The Elephant Man on Broadway as well roles in movies such as Labyrinth, Cat People and starring alongside Marlene Dietrich in Just a Gigolo.

When a music great star dies we will revisit their music, dust off the old LPs and listen again, however it’s different with Bowie, we were listening to him last month, last week, yesterday and we’ll go on listening to him forever.