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The future of video might be behind you

At Ardnet we’ve become fascinated by the new and exciting world of 360 video now available on youtube. In the past you’d need a lot of expensive kit to experience virtual reality but now with a smart phone and a simple cardboard holder that you can make yourself or buy cheaply online from ebay you can create your own VR headset.

You do look like a bit of a wally using the Google Cardboard (https://www.google.com/get/cardboard/) or similar headset however the effect is stunning, once you start running a 360 video on your device you can move the headset up, down, left and right to change the view of the live video.

The technology is being used by filmmakers to great effect including natural history and documentary makers who are trying to put the viewer right into the action.

Some videos we just love are BBC’s Steve Backshall (@SteveBackshall) being mobbed by sea lions during Big Blue Live and also a stunning 360 flight in the cockpit of a fighter jet with Patrouille Suisse.