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Will the real Google+ user please stand up

20th July

Google are planning to use an identity verification system to verify celebrity users on its new Google+ service.  Google are keen to see their service grow above the 10,000,000 user mark by attracting celebrities but are finding it tricky to work out the true identities of people signing up to the service. 

Rumours suggest that google are even considering launching a system where new recruits to the service will have to fax their driving licence to the service to be allowed to join up.  Early in the week we saw Star Trek star William Shatner’s google account taken away and then given back following confirmed identification.

Google+ wants to avoid falling into the trap of lots of bogus identities, like on facebook and twitter, however it will remain to be seen how this is going to work.  Attacting celebrities to use their new service is a surefire way to attract lots of other new members but they need to make sure its properly policed.