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Windows support calls scam

13th September 2011

I just got one of these at home today and thought I’d comment on it just to make you aware of this current scam.

The telephone rings and someone asks for you by name, saying that they are from “windows support” or something similar and then telling you that there have been problems reported on your computer and you need to follow some steps to resolve the problems.  They will ask something like the shape of the start button on the bottom left hand side of the screen, this is their way of working out what operating system you are using, if they don’t know the operating system then they are definately not receiving error messages.

The caller will then try to get you to go through a number of steps in order to “resolve the problem” but in reality they are changing settings on your computer so that they can gain access to your system.

Microsoft will never make calls like this to you, if you receive a call just hang up, don’t make any of the changes they ask for, if you need computer support we recommend Wilson Computers.